Michael E Pointer Fine Art Michael E Pointer Fine Art

Artist's Statement

I am a photographer, I explore everything, I see everything and experience the sights before my eyes deeply. Some things must be photographed and I investigate each avenue irrespective of style. I use all of my skills, documentary, portrait, landscape, or abstract. I connect this way with my artist ancestors and the giant evolving world around me acknowledging our human continuum.

This is an in-depth exploration of the relationship of photography to painting. I am intrigued by the use of photographic chemistry as paint, it allows me to respond to the image in a spontaneous way. The process begins with an image that enthralls me. This ongoing series uses an image or images to anchor the truth of the moment while expanding the metaphor with abstract elements.  I want the viewer to be aware of the surface of the photo paper, to experience the interface between the artist and the art.


The images are a record of my emotional and intellectual gatherings stuffed into the backpack of my day. I write a poem either as a preface or response to the image I have created.

 The images and poems can be found on Instagram @mepfa.


I love the prairie, pastures, and cows of Kansas. Paleolithic cave paintings were much in my mind as I stood in the dark cave of my darkroom creating the quiet sacred moments of Kansas pastures.


Who isn't intrigued by lavish clouds, blue skies, and sunsets? I look to the sky for emotional relief or to understand the portent of weather to come. This is a connection we all share in one way or another.


I love the old telegraph poles and switch boxes that thrum alongside old railroad tracks. Each has its own personality, devoted entirely to its purpose.

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