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Artist's Statement

I am a photographer, I explore everything, I see as much as possible. Some things must be photographed and I investigate each avenue irrespective of style. I use all of my skills, documentary, portrait, landscape, or abstract. I began formal art training at a very young age and as a fourth generation artist I try to fully incorporate the collective knowledge of my forebears.

This is an in-depth exploration of the relationship of photography to painting. When I was young my father, a painter with a strong interest in photography, would point out scenes and say "That would make a great painting, but not a great photograph," or vice versa and we would discuss the elements that made that statement true for him. Mostly that involved a photograph being a decisive moment or purposeful to the point of needing the reality of the photo to make the image believable and accessible to the viewer.

In this ongoing series I use an image or images to anchor the truth of the moment while expanding the metaphor with abstract elements. This was borne in part by my frustration with the technical fussiness of photography just prior to the widespread acceptance of digital image making. I kept seeing beautifully produced images that lacked soul and rehashed the same old subjects. I decided that I wanted my work to be something that people could explore. I want the viewer to be aware of the surface of the photo paper, to stand and work between the technology and the art.

My mother is slowly succumbing to dementia. She was always loving in the care of her garden and the organization of her home. I photograph the changes in her world- she still smiles a lot.


I complete these daily as a response to each day. They are a continuation of the exploration of the relationship of art to painting. They are digital collages with much drawing and painting. At the conclusion of each image I write a short poem to go with the image. The images and poems can be found on Instagram @mepfa.

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